Retail Manager

Retail manager—full time—Canberra—commencing March 2020 

An exciting new family-friendly retail venture is coming to the nation’s capital and we’re looking for a special someone to be its gregarious, hands-on manager.
Central to your job will be managing, nurturing and inspiring a small customer service team of six, creating an environment in which you and your staff look forward to coming to work.
Thanks to your background steeped in first-class customer service, you’ll have a warm and welcoming demeanour: you’ll love spending time with customers and they’ll enjoy engaging with you.
While you may not have expertise in antiques or visual merchandising, you’ll soon become a master at helping stallholders create interesting and enticing displays to promote their wares. 
You’ll keep calm and carry on if faced with practical and logistical hiccups: if you don’t know how it fix a leaky tap or broken light, you’ll know where to find someone who can; if promised pick-ups and deliveries don’t happen, you’ll know what to do.
Putting on in-house events—be it an Easter egg hunt or Christmas shopping night—will be a breeze for you, given your events experience.
Before the store’s official opening, you’ll be in a position to travel to the Southern Highlands for a minimum of two-weeks' training (accommodation provided).
If this sounds like your dream job, please forward your letter of application and CV to
For more information about this exciting opportunity, please call Highland Recruitment, 02 4861 5525. 


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