Human Resources Officer

Human resources officer—part time—Southern Highlands, NSW

We are eager for an experienced human resources officer with excellent communication and analytical skills to join our rapidly growing organisation on a part-time basis. 
Within no time, you’ll master our organisation’s HR policies and procedures for staff at all levels, and provide them with clear and concise HR advice. 
Integral to your job will be managing employee performances, relations and grievances, and advising management on appropriate responses, if issues were to arise.
Working closely with our management team, you’ll also assist with staff recruitment.  
Your 3-4 day week might also involve the following: drafting letters of offer, contracts and employment documents for new employees; informing existing employees about new appointments; and/or providing current and prospective employees with information about job duties, working conditions, wages and company policies. 
Apart from maintaining meticulous records, you’ll have statistical reports on hires, transfers, performance appraisals and rates of absenteeism at your fingertips. 
And, each month, you’ll report to our management team on HR-related issues and concerns. 
You’ll be well versed on the management of WorkCover and return-to-work processes, and have a solid understanding of the Ambulance Fair Work award and agreement.
If you have a passion for HR and have been looking for a part-time role in the field, please forward your letter of application and CV to
To find out more information about this position, please call Highland Recruitment, 02 4861 5525. 


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