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Looking for temporary staff?

We have an amazing supply of talented staff ready for temp work – short or long term.

Highland Recruitment makes it easy and takes care of all the fiddly bits like payroll, super, work cover and Group Certificate needs. You only pay one invoice a week. Leaving you free to take care of business and get on with the fun stuff.

Looking for permanent staff?

As a values based business we believe the right fit matters. We believe it is important to find your ideal match. We might have the ideal candidate. Why not ask us? It is definitely worth giving us a call.  It’s our personal approach and success rate that sets us apart.

We're proud to say that the first client we worked with in 2009 we're still working with today.  

Do you always seem to recruit the square peg for a round hole? Dozens of businesses employ people every day, candidates who look good on paper but just don’t fit with their business. They have all the skills to do the job, they tick all the boxes but something’s not quite right.

At Highland Recruitment you can be confident we will have a candidate who is the right fit and if we don’t already know them, we’ll find them. We are passionate about finding the right fit for you and your business. Because the right fit matters.

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"Highland Recruitment is our trusted partner for accessing the large pool of talent that exists in the Southern Highlands. I recommend the team there to both employers and job seekers alike for their commitment to a win-win." Jeremy Barnett, Managing Director
Dominion House

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